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5 Compelling Types Of Messaging To Improve Your Social Media Posts

Do you work hard on your social media posts, but don’t seem to get much engagement? Social media is a great tool, but if you don’t use it right, you won’t get many benefits. We know that it’s frustrating to not see your posts perform, but there are strategies you can use to make your posts more impactful and boost those engagements. We see a lot of advisors simply post/share a link to articles and not include any content above the image/link they’re sharing, which really hurts their chances of engagement. Below we will outline 5 compelling types of messaging that you can use to improve your social media posts.

1. Ask Questions

One of the best things you can do to increase engagement is to ask questions. These questions should be a mix of open-ended and closed-ended questions as each type comes with its own pros and cons. For example, think about the difference between these two questions: “What is your biggest financial concern?” vs. “Is planning for retirement a concern for you?” The first is open-ended and the latter is close-ended. With open-ended questions, your audience will be able to include more in their response, and you might learn things about them that you perhaps wouldn’t have learned by asking a close-ended question. Open-ended questions simply give more room for expression.

However, a lot of people just don’t have the time or motivation to answer such broad, open-ended questions. That’s where close-ended questions come into play. Answering the question “Is planning for retirement a concern for you?” is super quick and easy. People do not need to take considerable time out of their day to respond. Also, according to coschedule, close-ended questions drive more clickthroughs which is great engagement! However, these questions don’t offer much information. In this example, responses will either be a “yes” or “no.” Therefore, having a good mix of questions in your social media posts will create a balance and improve your social media posts.

2. Stats Or Facts

Think about the times you’ve scrolled through social media and how many posts you’ve completely disregarded. The posts that often get ignored are the ones that don’t captivate. On social media, you have just a couple seconds to grab the reader’s attention before he/she scrolls down. Statistics, especially hard to believe statistics, make your post much more interesting and attention-grabbing. Take a look at these two examples:

  • “We know that planning for retirement is hard. Read this article below for some tips on how to navigate this process.”
  • “One in three Americans have nothing saved for retirement. You definitely don’t want to be that person, so if you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late to start. Read this article below for some tips on how to navigate this process.”

The second point with the statistic is much more powerful and is more likely to resonate with the reader. People will be alarmed and will be much more likely to click and engage with your post. Below is an example of how our CMO Samantha Russell uses statistics in her own social media posts.

3. Benefits

People will be more likely to engage with posts that will help them in some way. Benefits create motivation, and without motivation, people are not going to click on your link or comment/like your posts. Therefore, a great social media tactic is to hint at what’s in it for your audience to click through on your link. Highlight and make clear what benefits your followers will receive by engaging with your post. These benefits could be anything ranging from tips, tricks, free guides, videos, whitepapers, brochures, infographics, etc.

Below is an example from Chiron Capital Management. This post lets readers know that the benefit of reading this article is learning about common medical or homeowner scams.


No one likes being left out. People want in! A great way to improve your social media posts and boost your engagments is by making your followers feel like they’re going to miss out by not clicking your link to read more, etc. You want to compel your followers and persuade them that everyone else is clicking the link to learn about “xyz” and that they should too. Appealing to this psychological phenomenon really works – think about how many times you’ve done something because you didn’t want to feel left out.

5. Trending

Another important way to get more engagements on your social media posts is by posting trending content. Post the latest news and hot topics in your industry that your followers will want to read. People want to see relevant content; simply put, people are not going to engage with a post that talks about something that they are not interested in. There are many ways to find trending content. For example, a simple google search can reveal tons of information. You can also see what other advisors are posting and what hashtags they are using.

Below, is an example from Eric Roberge‘s LinkedIn, and as you can see, he is posting about the recent recession headlines.


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