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4 Ways to Sweeten Up Your Marketing for Valentine’s Day

If you’re crushing on some potential clients this Valentine’s Day, these digital marketing tactics are sure to win them over.

Whether it’s content creation, social media marketing, or email, any good marketing strategy is all about sharing the love with your audience to get love back. Follow these steps to creating marketing campaigns that leads won’t be able to resist!

1. Courting Content 😍

Content creation is at the heart of any strong marketing strategy, but not just any content will suffice. Whether it’s a blog, video, or social media posts, valuable content connects with your target segment. It’s important to really master it, because content you create can be repurposed and take different forms to attract and convert leads into clients.

After you put time into designing a perfect advisor website, good content is what will ultimately drive people there. The effectiveness of your content marketing really boils down to the who, what, and where. Who are you serving? What do they need more information about? Where will your promote this content? Your content should be tailored to your niche in order to court leads. Anything you create should provide relevant and valuable information that your audience actually wants.

In the example below, Dorsey Wealth Management attracts leads this Valentine’s Day by regularly posting on her blog. Their blog is written specifically for her audience, women who want to take control of their financial future. 

2. Embrace Email Marketing 💌

Email marketing is a great way drip on prospects in your pipeline that might not be ready to commit. You guys had a great first date, but they’re not ready to settle down just yet. By creating email marketing campaigns, you’ll keep your firm in the minds of these leads and when they do decide they need a financial advisor, you’ll be the first they call.

For an email marketing campaign to be strong, you need to attract lists of subscribers, convince them to open it, and deliver relevant content they’ll be eager to click on. Using a landing page on your website and promoting your newsletter on social can convince leads to sign up. Below, TCM Wealth Advisors uses a landing page with limited fields. 

You don’t want to be one of the emails that leads delete as soon as they see it in their inbox. This means that next, you have to segment different subscriber lists and include information relevant to their specific needs. You want to create and send subscribers unique content that gives your company and its messages a competitive advantage, which starts by understanding what they want. Think out of the box and make it worthwhile to open!

Mailchimp makes it easy to separate your different kinds of clients into segments.

3. Show Some Love on Social ❤️

Once you’ve created content that connects, it’s time to promote it on social media and engage with your clients. Sharing your original or third party content on social media is a great way to convince clients to interact with your firm. We recommend sharing a link with a catchy caption and a graphic that pops. This will give you a chance to engage with leads online, which humanizes your firm and helps you build trust.

WealthKeel shares their recent blog post with a graphic and caption that convinces potential clients to click.

Once you receive engagement, it’s important to respond to it fast. Reply to comments and shares to make your potential clients feel the love back. You should be regularly monitoring your social media profiles to catch when someone engages with a post.

Aside from responding to engagement, you can also make the first move! Set aside a few minutes a day to scroll through each of your feeds and engage with others’ posts. Liking, commenting on, or sharing posts by other leaders in your industry can the start to a beautiful relationship.

4. Pay Per Kiss Campaigns 😘

If you’re in a hurry to attract some leads this Valentine’s Day, Pay Per Click (PPC) might be your best move. PPC comes with a price tag but can generate more immediate results than other tactics like SEO. It gives you the opportunity to show an ad when someone searches for a specific keyword, which makes it super client-oriented. And the best part is… you pay for it only when you get a click!

As long as you are driving traffic to a killer landing page with a CTA (call to action), an accessible contact form, and a great website, PPC can generate huge ROI for your firm. Unlike SEO, it can bring immediate results and can be scaled up by simply paying more. So if you have a little extra room in your budget, why not splurge to show your leads a little extra love?

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