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4 Tips to Increase Lead Generation with Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great tool to increase lead generation because they allow you to create individualized messages for different, targeted niches. A landing page allows you to make your message ultra-specific – there is one headline, one unique selling proposition, and one call to action. A focused and targeted message for one very specific niche increases the effectiveness of the landing page’s lead generation. They’re an easy opportunity you just can’t miss!

It’s true, landing pages are critical to any successful inbound marketing strategy. As a financial advisor, investing time in well crafted and optimized landing pages is well worth it, as they are a big means to generating business for your firm. Without a landing page, it’s impossible to capture any qualified information about your website visitors, which makes it incredibly hard to market to them, nurture them and ultimately convert them into clients for your firm.

Utilizing a landing page to target your campaign traffic increases conversion rates by 25%

What is Lead Generation?

Let’s start with the basics. Lead generation is in the process in which you attract and convert strangers into becoming prospects who may be interested in your financial planning firm’s services. A prospect is considered a lead when they’ve indicated that they have interested in your firm in some way shape or form. Hubspot has a great graphic that shows us exactly where this falls in the buyer’s journey:

What are Landing Pages?

Now that you understand lead generation let’s discuss one component of the lead generation process: landing pages.

Landing pages are designed to target a set of users by providing an offer, or “Freemium.” Landing pages are designed specifically for the sole purpose to convert website visitors into leads. It’s where your prospects “land” after clicking other marketing links such as from an email campaign and calls-to-action (CTA).

Hubspot offers a free ebook to its users

For example, perhaps you have a CTA that reads: “Doctors: Here’s the truth about paying down debt while saving for retirement. Our 20 page whitepaper explains what you need to know and how to decide which path to financial independence is right for you.” Then you’d have a button saying “Download The Whitepaper.”

To receive the whitepaper viewers must opt-in by providing personal information about themselves such as their name, email address, or phone number. The data collected is then used to feed into your pipeline of clients.

Landing pages are not linked to your main website navigation. This allows you to build as many customized messages as you want, while still having a more general message on your main website and homepage. The only way for a user to access the page is through the specific URL, which you might share in a facebook group, or at a speaking event, or in an article you write on a topic relevant to the group you are targeting.

How financial advisors can use lead-generation landing pages

Here is a sequence of events in which using a landing page would be beneficial:

  1. You speak at a series of events throughout the year targeted at couples within 2 years of retirement
  2. You build a landing page for each event at which you speak The event page would simply have your logo, bio photo, and information about the event they attended.
  3. At the event, you share your landing page with the audience, and encourage them to visit it for a free checklist and guide you’ve created, titled “24 Steps to Take in the 24 Months Before Retirement.” To access the guide, they’ll need to share their name and email address.
  4. Visitors to the landing page who sign up will automatically be added to your email marketing (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.)
  5. You can now follow up with these new leads with further information you have targeted directly at them (blog posts, webinars, one-on-one assessments, etc), and start “dripping” on them.

How to Optimize Landing Pages

1. Compelling + obvious call to action

You want viewers to take advantage of your offer so you need to make taking the next step as easy as possible for them to complete. If it’s too complicated to find your call to action amongst the clutter of the page, users will simply not do it. You do no want miss the opportunity to engage with a new customer by not clearly defining what you want them to do next.

Similarly, your CTA should be compelling. Your button copy should invite clicks and be just as compelling as the rest of the copy on your landing page and website. Here are some examples of clear, inviting CTAs for landing pages:

  • “Watch the Sample Lesson”
  • “Get Started”
  • “Download Now”
  • “Reserve My Seat”
PayPal clearly offers a free ebook with a “Download Now” button

2. Include the benefits of the offer

Highlight the aspects of the offer that will make it hard for them to say no. Emphasize how valuable this information is to their lives and bonus- it’s free! Prospective leads need an incentive to hand over their personal contact information and by using bullets to show key points is the best way to do it.

Capital One includes all the benefits of Spark Business Checkling right on its landing page

3. Limit form fields

People are generally protective of their personal information and are not always willing to share it. Think of your own online behavior – what are you willing to provide? A name and email is enough to get a new lead added to your email marketing. Asking for only the most important fields of information will increase the completion rate substantially.

All Indeed asks for is your email to sign up for their service

4. Create segment-specific content

Who you target matters. Sharing highly relevant information to a visitor makes it much more likely to convert leads. The best way to take advantage of the opportunity to reach your different customer segments is by creating multiple consumer specific landing pages.

However, it is more important to create 10 very well executed pages verses 40 poorly developed pages. The amount does matter, but the quality of content matters so much more.

MoZ offers a free trial for their SEO auditing tool

At the end of the day, remember this – visitors landed on your landing page for a reason: to get the free offer you promoted. So make it easy for them to do just that. Remove the clutter and distractions and make it enticing and memorable.

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