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4 Tips for a Successful Linkedin Company Page

Move over, Facebook and Twitter – there’s a new big player in social media marketing! While much of the focus in social media marketing has been on Facebook and Twitter the past few years, LinkedIn is becoming a bigger and bigger force and has grown its user base to over 590 million. As a financial advisor, making meaningful and professional connections is a must, which makes LinkedIn Company Pages your best friend.

Your LinkedIn Company Page is one of the most valuable online resources for your advisor business and digital marketing, so it needs to be well-groomed and taken care of. With these four simple steps, your Company Page will soar to success! 💪

1. Complete all fields

Fully completed company pages receive up to 2x more visitors than incomplete pages. It really doesn’t take too long to completely fill in all fields on your profile, so there’s no excuse for leaving any field empty. These aspects are especially crucial to nail:

  • Company logo: Make sure this is high-resolution and the right size. Grainy or stretched pictures can distort the image and give a bad first impression.
  • Cover photo: This should represent your firm and goals. You can find great cover photos on sites like Unsplash, but make sure you choose a picture that adds something to your profile rather than a boring stock photo. You could even take a swing at creating your own graphic with Canva.
  • Description: Make sure this speaks to your value proposition – what do you offer that clients want? Why should they choose you over other advisors?
  • Website URL: Including a link to your advisor site will give visitors easy access to more information. Don’t forget this part!
  • Location: This will increase your visibility in your community. 
  • Industry: This will increase your visibility when potential clients are looking for similar services. 

All of this should not only be completed, but should capture your brand to a T and provide potential clients with more information. Having each of these aspects completed will not only help potential clients more easily find information on your firm, but it will also make you look legitimate and professional.

Below, YellowWood Wealth Solutions kept their brand image consistent through a professional logo and cover photo.

YellowWood also included a detailed description along with their location, website, and other fields.

2. Create brand advocates

With something as sensitive as personal finances, potential clients love assurance that you are a trustworthy firm. Good old-fashioned word of mouth can do wonders in gaining trust of potential clients. Your team members are the best brand advocates ever. Employees typically have 10x the social reach of their company, so their network can go far! Encourage them to share your company’s page content across their personal channels to reach a larger audience in a trustworthy and natural way.

3. Be consistent

We get that posting on social media might get swallowed by the countless other responsibilities you have as an advisor, but you need to make it a priority. Companies that post at least once a month on LinkedIn have been shown to gain followers 6x faster than companies that never post. Posting consistently can help build your brand, audience, and prove your accountability.

Settle on a comfortable frequency for your posts depending on the capacity of your firm. This can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. The more the better! Making an editorial calendar will help you stay on track and plan everything ahead. Software like Hootsuite or Coschedule can also help automate the process, making it even easier for you to post consistently.

Financial advisor business, IMPACTfolio, posts multiple times a week by sharing third-party content.

4. Work towards engagement

Every post you put on LinkedIn should be thought-out, relevant to your audience, and strive to spark engagement between your firm and potential clients. According to LinkedIn’s data, its member base generates more than two million pieces of content in the platform feed per day. This means that just simply posting a paragraph will get lost in the countless other posts in users’ feeds. Content that performs well typically includes:

  • A descriptive caption
  • Eye-catching image or graphic, which you can find or make on Unsplash or Canva
  • Hashtags, which can help increase the visibility of your content. But limit youdrself to one or two, since LinkedIn is a professional platform.
XY Planning Network uses a graphic, hashtag, description and link to catch the eyes of potential customers.

In addition to these aspects, ask questions in your posts and encourage comments from your followers. A big part of successful social media marketing is engaging with potential clients and humanizing your business online. When get engagement on your posts, make sure to respond in a timely manner – if you get a comment, comment back! 

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