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4 Steps To Creating Fully Optimized Landing Pages For Financial Advisors

Making sure that your landing page is well designed and optimized is crucial to your business. A landing page is where visitors land after clicking certain CTA’s or other links in your emails, social media, etc. A landing page offers a freemium that visitors can get if they enter some information about themselves, typically their name and email. Your landing pages’ sole purpose is to convert visitors, and we know that it can be hard. How do you get people to provide their information?

The average landing page conversion rate falls around 2.35%

Below, we will outline 4 steps to create a fully optimized landing page for financial advisors that will get your conversions through the roof!

Step 1: Trust

Trust is HUGE in the financial industry. People do not want to give up their information to a brand that doesn’t seem trustworthy. A landing page provides such limited space, so how can you create that trust factor?

Here are a few ways to improve the trust factor on your landing pages:

Have a clean, branded, smooth design

You want your landing page to look coherent and comply with your brand. Keep your landing page design simple and authentic. Luckily, with Twenty Over Ten’s Lead Pilot, you can customize your design, style, color etc. any way you want.

Adding BrokerCheck or other disclaimers

Lead Pilot lets you easily display your BrokerCheck as well:

Adding a sidebar with your personal headshot, credentials, contact information, etc.

Providing this information lets visitors see that there are actual people behind your brand. If they can see things such as contact information and credentials, they are more likely to trust you and provide their information. WIth Lead Pilot, you can easily add a featured sidebar and add your headshot, title, social platforms, and anything else you might want to add. You can see this sidebar in the picture below:

Step 2: Add A Subscriber Form

A subscriber form is an integral aspect of your landing page. This is where your visitors will provide their information, and it’s important to not have too many fields because the longer your form is and the more information people need to give up, the less likely they will be to fill it out. Lead Pilot offers a convenient way to add a subscriber form to your landing pages. You can add an embedded form and/or a popup form and customize it any way you want. You can customize the form text, location, fonts, color, buttons, etc.

Step 3: Headline

Because a headline is often the first thing your visitor will see, use this chance to further draw them into your page with dynamic text. A good start is to try combining self-interest talk with a small curiosity gap. This gives readers two reasons to stay on your page and learn more or, preferably, take action. Your headline is what will convince visitors to click through the rest of your content and stay on your page.

Here are some tips that make a strong landing page headline:

  • Write a clear headline– if your headline is vague, people will not have a reason to convert and provide their information. We want to know what’s in it for us, and it’s important that you are straightforward about it.
  • Focus on a benefit– Try to focus your headline on a benefit that the viewer would be interested in.
  • Keep it short– 5-9 words is optimal for a headline

In the example below, the benefits of signing up are clearly highlighted in the headline. People know that they will receive weekly financial insights as well as receive a bonus.

Step 4: Visuals

People’s eyes are drawn to visuals, so it only makes sense to add visuals to your landing page. Visuals balance the text, preventing your landing pages from looking too text-heavy. In addition, if visuals are added right, they make your landing pages look better to the eye. So, stray away from words and use visuals to tell your story!

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