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4 Reasons Financial Advisors Should Incorporate a Stock Market Summary in Their Marketing Strategy

Only 30% of Americans have adequate knowledge about the stock market. Even those who do, however, consult other sources before making investment decisions. As a financial professional, you’re in a position of expertise when it comes to the stock market. Clients and prospects alike look to you for financial advice.

61% of investors allow a professional to choose their investments.

An easy way to capitalize on that? Include a stock market summary in your marketing plan. Whether it comes in the form of a weekly blog post, email blast, or YouTube video, it’s guaranteed to be content that is pertinent to your audience’s needs.

1. You Can Explain the Issues Impacting Your Clients’ Portfolios

With a stock market summary, you can get ahead of the questions your clients may have about the state of their investments. They’ll depend on you for consistent, relevant advice concerning their portfolios.

It’s essentially a win-win: instead of getting bombarded with investment questions from all directions, you preemptively answer many of those questions in a mass communication effort. This gives you and your clients more time to discuss deeper, more specific issues one-on-one, rather than burning time explaining stock market happenings multiple times over.

stock market summary during a pandemic JPS global investments newsletter

In this blog post from JPS Global Investments, the firm summarizes what a global pandemic means for your portfolio. The post takes care to break down any questions clients may have and, in turn, provide informed answers.

To most effectively execute this as a part of your marketing plan, put yourself in your client’s or prospect’s shoes. What issues are pertinent to their investment journey at this moment? What should they know about the current market to best guide them on that journey?

2. It Shows You’re a Good Listener and Communicator

As long as you’re taking into consideration the content your audience wants to see in relation to their investments, that audience will feel heard and tended to.

This is precisely why it’s helpful to put some sort of niche-specific twist into your weekly market summary. Think about the investment concerns voiced by the audience you serve, and spin those into your stock market summary. Doing so will not only narrow down your content and make it more helpful to clients, but even boost your local search traffic and SEO.

Finity Group LLC example of stock market summary for physicians

Finity Group, LLC is an advisory firm that specifically serves medical professionals. In this podcast, they provide important updates about the stock market in light of COVID-19 geared toward their niche audience. Being a good listener and communicator isn’t just about putting content out there, it’s about putting content out there that is purposefully helpful to the people you serve.

Even if your stock market summary is simply a general overview, extra commentary on social media platforms, a podcast, a video, or any other mode of communication can achieve this effect.

3. It Establishes You as a Thought Leader and Expert

The #1 reason prospects choose to hire a given financial advisor is trust. That trust is built from a couple of places, including but not limited to: the prospect’s values align with yours, you have a good track record and references, and you’ve demonstrated your knowledge about the financial industry.

Survey why did you originally select your financial advisor reasons trust

The latter is contingent on you producing content that establishes you as a thought leader. A regular stock market summary is an easy and effective way to do this. Not only does it keep you accountable in churning out consistent content, but it builds up a library of helpful, knowledgable content that prospects will see and base an impression of your firm off of.

Schwartz financial services portfolio rebalancing newsletter

Schwartz Financial Services publishes a regular newsletter; in this installation, Schwartz delves into portfolio rebalancing in the modern market. It’s clear from his professionalism, detail, and application that this firm lives up to the title of being an expert in the field. If your firm doesn’t create any content, prospects won’t know what you stand for and what you know.

Having dedicated landing pages for market insights will give your firm more depth; and in a digital space where there’s no short of competition, this is crucial to your marketing strategy.

4. It Shows That You’re Not Only Paying Attention During Periods of Volatility, but All the Time

Many advisors only create content relevant to the stock market when something notable happens. Of course, this is important-clients often need the most guidance and reassurance during periods of volatility-but the stock market still exists when the volatility ends. There are still insights to be made when people aren’t frantically rushing to sell.

A stock market summary shows prospects that your eyes are always on the markets, regardless of the circumstances. People hire financial professionals for lifetime advice, not exclusively for times of adversity. Whether you publish a summary weekly, monthly, or quarterly, the key is that you don’t rely on random timing.

weekly stock market summary update from the haws falasco group

The Haws Falasco Group publishes weekly stock market summaries in addition to more in-depth quarterly updates. Their content schedule is dependable. Implementing a strategy such as this will show prospects that they can rely on you for constant insights and advice.

Don’t Have Time for a Stock Market Summary?

As useful as a stock market summary is for lead generation and client communication, it’s just another responsibility to add to your plate.

Lead Pilot’s content library for financial advisors comes with weekly stock market summaries. Lead Pilot comes with curated landing pages that make it easy for you to immediately publish content to your website. In addition, you can automate posting on all of your social media platforms.

weekly stock market summary on Lead Pilot

You can reap the rewards of publishing weekly stock market summaries without putting in the time and effort of writing, organizing, and publishing one. Think about incorporating a stock market summary into your marketing plan-it’s not only beneficial to your firm, but also to clients and prospects.

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