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4 Email Drip Campaigns That Every Financial Advisor Needs

An inbound marketing strategy is an awesome way to generate leads and drive traffic to your advisor website. Implementing an inbound strategy is so important to your business, and another type of campaign is using a drip campaign.

What exactly is a drip campaign and why should you use it to drive leads? Well, it’s basically a  way to automate your sales campaign. They are emails that are set to send out at specific, automated times in a schedule. It’s a communication strategy that sends, or “drips,” a set of messages to customers or prospects over a certain amount of time. According to Hubspot, each “drip” email can be sent two days to a week after the previous message sent.

This type of campaign creates a nurturing environment for possible clients and keep current clients engaged with your services. This is done by having relevant or educational pieces of content automatically sent out to email subscribers.

How effective are drip campaigns? 

According to Demand Gen Report automated email workflows can net you 20% more sales opportunities. Simply because they’re more timely, personalized and targeted. So while your website conversion rates might be low automated email workflows can help dramatically. Rather than blasting your entire email list with the same message creating a more precise email drip campaign that’s segmented will build trust with your audience ultimately leading to fewer unsubscribes and a higher conversion rate.

Sending segmented email drip campaigns can drive 18x more revenue for businesses.


Different Types of Drip Campaigns

We wanted to discuss four types of drip marketing campaigns that every financial advisor should implement in order to become a lead-generation machine! Read on.

1. Welcome Campaign

Welcome emails are designed to greet new email subscribers and provide important information about your company and services. These are so important because a new subscriber needs to find out what you offer so they can know what to expect from your services. You want to make a great first impression, so a strong welcome campaign is great to get off on the right foot!

Whenever a lead first subscribes to your mailing list whether it be from your website or your blog page they should immediately be sent a welcome email. Right from the start, rather than just sending out one email, end out a series of 3-5 emails that focus on the value that you’ll bring to the lead and make them feel as if they are a part of the “club.” What will they get now that they are a part of this campaign? They need to resonate with your audience otherwise they will immediately click unsubscribe, which is obviously not something that you want! You need to entice them and make them excited about what you will get! Some ideas that you should include are:

  • A roundup of some of your most popular blog posts
  • Feature case studies or testimonials from other clients that highlight your unique selling proposition and services
  • Offer a free 20 or 30-minute consultation or trial period just for signing up.
  • Offer a piece of content like a retirement checklist, whitepaper, epaper, newsletter, etc.

Remember, people love FREE and they love getting things! So, make this worth their while as it will encourage them to look further into your firm.

Welcome Email from Google Adwords

In the above image, Google Adwords welcomes new users with an email that brings about trust, is visually appealing and the subject line draws people in by asking them to complete an account that isn’t fully set up yet.

Once the user creates the account, they will receive this email from them that serves as a reminder to complete setting up the Adwords account and then has a 🔗 to their Help Center.

2. Niche Campaign

You might be just getting started or you may have been around for a long time, but no matter where you are in your advisor journey, you know how important it is to develop a niche market. It seems that having a niche would narrow down your clientele, but it actually does quite the opposite and allows for you to grow your group.

If you focus on a particular group, it will actually help your organization to develop more leads and will ultimately create more value for your marketing budget. Maybe you serve one particular niche or many you serve multiple, but regardless, a niche campaign is a huge part of your firm. If you do serve multiple, then you should consider creating drip campaigns for each specific niche in your email list.

According to Jupiter Research, relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails. Don’t you want to receive an email of something that you are really interested in that you feel as though it were catered to you? Making some personal and relevant is a great to start nurturing the relationship. If you can tailor your content to your specific niche, your readers are going to be much more engaged with what you’re sharing!

3. Calendar Booking Campaign

If you’re using a meeting scheduler service on your websites like ScheduleOnce or Calendy, that’s a great start! If people are booking appointments via that, then that’s an awesome start! If someone has not attended a meeting yet, then consider creating a drip campaign for those people so that they can better prepare and know what to expect before their meeting. Share important information they should bring to the meeting and what you will discuss.

The above is an example of Wendy Hubbard, CFP, EA using Calendly to easily scheduling meetings for potential clients!

Then, after the meeting, the attendees should receive an email to recap everything and discuss the next steps and any actions items that need to be taken!

4. Unsubscribe Campaign

When a lead unsubscribes from your list, that doesn’t mean that your relationship has to end there. Consider sending one last email in an attempt to bring the lead back with a short message. Something we see used a lot is “we hate to see you go!” or something rather light and in good nature. Some other ideas for the unsubscribe campaign could include:

  • Ending the survey asking what you could do better so that you know how to improve
  • Offer other opportunities to connect with your brand via social media or other channels

In the above image for Barneys New York, they provide a “You will be missed” message and a simple survey for users to note why they are unsubscribing. It is simple for the readers to quickly click and submit while also providing information to the marketing team so that they know what they need to change.

Key Takeaways

We hope that you found this helpful so that you can know how to successfully integrate a drip campaign into your marketing plan! Incorporating this is a great way to successfully stay at the top of the mind of prospects so that when they are ready to commit, your company will be at the top of their mind.

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