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4 Easy Ways Financial Advisors Can Get More Conversions From Their Landing Pages

Landing pages are crucial to your inbound marketing strategy, but oftentimes, advisors see that they are not getting the conversions they want. Landing pages are meant to collect lead data and keep your database full, so its important to continuously revisit and revise your landing pages to ensure that you are indeed meeting this purpose. According to a study conducted by WordStream, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35% across industries. The top 25% of sites are converting at 5.31% and above, and the top 10% are converting at 11.45% and above.

conversion rate distribution

If you want to be in that top 10% group, read below to learn 4 easy ways you can get more conversions from your landing pages!

#1: Use The Power of Images

No doubt that your content is important, but it is also just as important to make sure that you are using emotionally provoking images that complement your text. When a person lands on your landing page, it’s really important to capture their interest as quickly as possible. If you don’t, chances are they will leave the page and you will miss out on a conversion. As humans, we respond to images faster than text, so images are a great way to make an impact.

It’s also important to point out that you can’t just use any images. There have been numerous studies that have looked at which images lead to more conversions – one such example was a study conducted by Medalia Art, an online art shop. They conducted a study that compared visitor engagement with paintings on their site from famous artists versus pictures of the artists themselves. What they found was that with paintings the conversion rate was 8.8% but if paintings are replaced with artist photos, the conversion rate increases to 17.2%

This goes to show that using pictures of humans are better for conversions. These pictures build trust and make a greater impact than simply using stock images or icons. Below is a great example from Forward Thinking Wealth Management, where Dan Johnson, The CFP at the company, includes his own picture on the landing page.

landing page with human picture

#2: Create Captivating Headlines

You need to hook your readers with your headlines, as that is oftentimes the first thing they see when they come to your landing page. People LOVE to skim and want information quickly, so your headline needs to not only be engaging but must clearly communicate your proposition. A good test to see if your headline is captivating is by asking yourself these three questions:

Is my headline clear?

The last thing you want is for people to be confused or have to read more to figure out what you are trying to say. Your headline should be straight to the point so that your visitors can instantaneously connect. Try to avoid being vague and ambiguous if you want your readers to stay.

Is my headline relevant?

You want your headline to be something that causes readers to want to read on. It needs to be something that they can connect to and something that pertains to them.

Is my headline empathetic?

A really easy way to connect with your readers is by empathizing with them. You want to show that you understand their concerns and that your product and/or service can provide a solution.

Below is a landing page example from Bowers Advisory Group whose headline meets each of these three requirements. It is clear because it clearly informs readers that this guide is for women who want a more secure financial future. It is relevant because it is something that women can connect to and understand. Lastly, it is empathetic because it shows that Bowers Advisory Group understands that women have challenges when it comes to their financial future.

Bowers Advisory Group Landing Page

#3: A/B Test Your Landing Pages

It’s hard to get in the minds of your visitors. You try really hard to understand what triggers your viewers, but sometimes you just can’t quite figure it out. A great way to truly see what resonates with your viewers is by conducting A/B testing.  A/B testing is a way to test various versions of your landing pages to see which one works best. These variants are shown to users randomly, and you can then see which one is performing better. This is undoubtedly a great way to boost your conversions and see what works and what doesn’t!

A/B Testing

Need some more help with A/B testing? Check out Landing Page A/B Testing: 6 Simple Steps

#4: Make It Impossible To Leave

Think about Netflix. When you’re done watching a show or a movie, Netflix offers you related content that you may be interested in. They understand our behaviors and try to make us stay on Netflix and watch more. Because of this, you sometimes find yourself sitting on the couch watching hours and hours of Netflix.

You can do the same thing for your landing pages. When someone downloads your content, offer them more related content that they may like. This increases the chances of them staying on your website and downloading more content. Another great benefit of this is that you are able to see what type of content the viewer likes and what they are interested in.


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