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3 Simple Steps To Recording Quality Marketing Videos Right On Your Phone

Have you ever thought of video marketing but assumed it was too much work and/or you didn’t have the resources for it? Turns out, it’s way easier than you think. Twenty Over Ten, CMO Samantha Russell shares some insight.

Video Transcript

Last year Twenty Over Ten released a study of over 200 financial advisors that found that those who reported getting 11 or more quality leads every year from digital marketing were very likely to incorporate video as one of their strategies. Today, I’m going to break down for you three simple steps to recording video on a shoestring budget to grow your financial advisory practice in 2020. It’s really simple and easy, so let’s dive right in.

Step 1) Record The Video On Your Phone

Step number one- just like I’m doing right now, you’re going to record the video on your iPhone or whatever other mobile device that you have. So in this video, I’m holding the phone in a horizontal fashion because we’re going to upload it to YouTube. If you’re going to upload directly to LinkedIn and Facebook or any other social sharing platforms and not put it on a place like YouTube first, you can actually go ahead and hold it vertically like you normally would and upload it that way. So that’s step number one, you’re going to record the video right on your phone. Then you want to edit out the beginning or the end where you’re getting started and pushing the button- you can do that right on the editing software built into your phone, and once you’ve got that ready to go, you’re now going to add captions.

Step 2) Add Captions

So step number two is to add captions. I love to use the tool Headliner. It’s a free tool that you can use to add captions to video. They also have some good software in there that will allow you to add titles and make it look pretty. So use a tool like headliner to get captions added to your video because most people watch video with the sound off, and you want them to still be able to get the gist of what it is you’re talking about.

Step 3) Share Your Video

Okay, so we record the video on our phone, we add captions, and the last step, it truly is this easy, is to upload the video to where you want to share it. So for our purposes here, we first upload it to YouTube. So again, you’re uploading the file that has the captions added to YouTube to our YouTube channel, which is just Twenty Over Ten. And then once we’ve added it to YouTube, we also upload it to different social sites.

So we don’t actually just share the YouTube link to our LinkedIn post or our Twitter post, we’ll actually upload the raw video file. This is called uploading natively and it’s really important because the algorithms, the social media algorithms, want to keep users on their platforms as long as possible. They don’t want you clicking a link and going to YouTube. They want you to stay on LinkedIn or stay on Twitter or stay on Facebook. So if you actually upload the video to those platforms separately, you usually get a better engagement rate, better impressions than if you were to share a link.

Bonus Step

So those are the three steps. Record on your phone, add your captions and then upload where you want to share. The last thing that’s sort of a bonus step is if you have blog posts or other content that you created around a similar topic that you’re creating video for, go ahead and embed that video into those blog posts. So for instance, if we have a blog post on our Twenty Over Ten blog all about using video to market your business, this is a great video -the one I’m recording right now-that we would embed into that post. Depending on the blogging software you’re using or website platform that you have, you would embed the video in different formats, but YouTube gives you an embed link and it’s really easy to get that video added to your website. If you’re a Twenty Over Ten website user, it’s really easy you just copy and paste the URL on.

So those are my three tips for you to record video on a shoestring budget and get it added to your website, to your social sharing channels, and even get the captions added as well. I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten. Do me a favor. Click subscribe on our Twenty Over Ten YouTube channel to follow along and get even more marketing tips every single week. Have a great day.

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