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3 of the Best Financial Advisor Email Marketing Campaigns

It’s probably safe to assume your inbox is flooded with unopened automated email newsletters. But once in a blue moon, you’ll get an email newsletter that’s so good you’re actually excited to get the notification. Maybe even excited enough to click on it, read it, and share it with someone else.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your advisor business, but there’s no denying it’s competitive territory. An effective email marketing campaign needs to be cleverly written to attract attention amongst chaotic inbox clutter. We rounded up some of our favorite advisor newsletters to give you ideas to implement in your own. If you keep these examples and elements in mind, your newsletter can become click-worthy, too! 

Elements of a Successful Newsletter Campaign

Before we dive into the examples, let’s go over a few basics. There are a few things every newsletter needs to nail to be successful. Here are some of the essentials these top-notch campaigns crushed: 

Subject Lines

Your subject line is like the movie trailer to the content. If this isn’t spot on, there’s no chance your newsletter will even be opened! In addition to the examples below, get more detail on how to write a catchy subject line from our recent blog

Write Content That Connects

Although they save us time and energy, automated marketing campaigns can feel super impersonal. When you can, try to add personal touches like their name to make potential clients feel valued. It’s also important to humanize your business with an authentic voice

Visual Interest

Who wants to read anything without pictures these days? Without relevant, interesting graphics and images, your newsletter will put potential clients to sleep. 

Responsive Design

67% of emails are now read on a phone. Everything needs to be optimized for mobile nowadays, and your emails are no exception. 

Keeping it Short and Sweet

If it feels like your newsletter is dragging on, there’s nothing stopping the reader from clicking away. For people to get value from your content, they have to read it, which won’t happen if it looks and reads like a textbook.

ONE Call-To-Action

What’s the point of your email? How is your audience benefiting from reading it? If you’re taking up potential clients’ time, there’s got to be a point to it. Put it in plain sight with an obvious call-to-action

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Example #1 – Myra Wealth 

We’re just swooning over this stunning New Years email campaign from Myra Wealth. They hit almost every element on our list. Let’s walk through it together.

best financial advisor email marketing campaign - myra wealth

Subject Line

Asking questions in your subject line is one of the best ways to draw attention to your email. By asking a question related to the reader, they’re forced to think about themselves and their behavior. Just imagine, if you got this email in your inbox, wouldn’t you stop and think about your goals for 2019? Getting them to connect makes them more likely to want to see what’s inside. 

Connecting With Their Clients

The New Year, or really any holiday, is a great and natural time to interact with leads. Making them feel like you care about them and their resolutions can be the start to a beautiful relationship.


Every aspect of this newsletter is visually appealing. The numbers and graphics help steer the eye and keep the reader engaged. To get started on your own graphics, we recommend using Canva! It’s a free tool and a great way to add personalized images to your email. Myra even figured out a way to include video at the end, which is a HUGE plus for any content. 

Keeping it Short and Sweet

Myra does a great job of splitting up important information with headlines. The more you can use bullets and numbers, the better. This helps the reader navigate the information without feeling overwhelmed. 


Myra includes a clear CTA at the bottom of the newsletter. After walking through a financial checklist for the new year, Myra presents its offer by asking if the reader is ready to make their financial resolutions into a reality. They even include “call us today” to make the next step even more straightforward! 

Example #2 – Evergreen Wealth Management

This email campaign promoting Evergreen Wealth‘s case study is short, sweet, and professional. Just looking at it should give you faith that you don’t need a background in design to send a well-done email campaign. Give it a scroll and then we’ll dissect the best parts.

best financial advisor email marketing campaign - evergreen wealth management

Subject Line

The subject line sucks the reader in by making them curious for more information. By teasing something of value in the subject line, the reader is left wanting more. Including “case study” also promises something of value they won’t want to miss out on.

Connecting With Their Clients

Evergreen’s use of a team photo instantly makes the content feel more authentic. Email marketing is all about creating relationships with strangers online, so any humanized touch can help make it feel more natural. 


Evergreen took a different approach than Myra by using relevant stock photos. If you choose to go this route, make sure your pictures are related to the content and add value to it. There are plenty of free stock photo sites to help you do this, like Unsplash

Keeping it Short and Sweet

This newsletter gives just enough information to get the subscriber hooked, but not so much that they won’t check out the actual case study. By including a short summary, readers are left on a cliff hanger and will have no choice but to click on the link!  


The point of this email was to get potential clients to read case studies from Evergreen, made obvious by the big, green “read more” CTA button. Emphasizing the link to the case studies also gives readers an extra nudge. 

Example #3 – Ellevest

Last but not least, this campaign from Ellevest will stand out to any lead.

Subject Line

What the heck does “your friends are your superpower” mean? This subject line stands out by surprising the reader. There’s instant intrigue in unexpected things. If you can stun your reader right off the bat, they’ll be more likely to engage with the content. However, don’t get TOO crazy. The subject line should always relate to the overall point of the newsletter.

Connecting With Their Clients

Adding a personal picture of the featured “elle raiser” and including the co-founder’s signature help make the newsletter feel more thoughtful and authentic.


Ellevest combines both graphics and relevant pictures to keep the subscriber interested. As you can probably tell, the pictures really pull your eye towards important parts of the newsletter.

Keeping it Short and Sweet

Even though this newsletter includes a lot of information, it’s split up into bite-size pieces with the use of headings. This way, if a reader were to skim through quickly, an interesting header could convince them to read more.


One of the biggest goals of any newsletter is to drip on prospects in your pipeline. Building relationships with strangers online isn’t an easy task, but sharing content that connects with them is a great way to start. Asking readers to also “send to a friend” will help you connect with even more people!

Mastering Your Own Email Campaign

Your newsletter doesn’t have to drown in all of the other automated emails. If you keep these tips and examples and mind, you’ll be sure to send email that your subscribers actually look forward to reading.


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