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3 Easy Ways Financial Advisors Can Automate their Content Marketing Today

As a busy financial advisor, you have got a lot on your plate. What if we told you that you could create a marketing plan and drive more leads that are much more automated and streamlined?

While it’s important to keep things personal and make sure there is a “human” and personal touch when speaking with clients and leads, incorporating marketing tools into your platform allows for you to do more with less and work much more efficiently. So, what are some of the ways that financial advisors can start automating their content? Today we’re sharing three simple ways to make your life much easier!

3 Ways to Automate Your Content Marketing

While you can’t add more hours to your day, these simple automation tools and tactics will make you feel as though you are getting more out of each day enabling you to drive more traffic, focus on gaining leads and better serve the clients that you already have. So, when it comes to creating an automated content strategy, it’s very close to a regular marketing plan, just include automation tools.

Content Creation

As content creators ourselves we know that it can be hard to create unique and well-written content on a consistent basis, especially when you have so much else going on, so we recommend financial advisors aim to produce one killer piece of content at least once a week or at the very least, once a month.

But what if there were tools out there to make your content creation process easier? This doesn’t mean replace marketers and content creators by any means, just make their job easier and the creation process faster and smoother. Here are some tools that we recommend using to aid your content creation process are:

Lead Pilot

Lead Pilot is the turnkey marketing platform for financial advisors. Depending on your niche you have the ability to choose from editorial content, infographics, videos and more to share with your audiences. Each piece of content is completely editable so you can use the content as a starting point and further tailor them to fit your firm, target audience, services, geographic area and more.

Lead Pilot lead generation for financial advisors


CoSchedule is another useful tool that helps users create stronger headlines. It’s super simple and all you do is type in a headline, and it gives you a grade and analysis of the headline, as well as, ways to improve it.

35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone.

It’s so important to draw users in right from the start and make them want to find out more about your service, product or whatever you may be trying to tell your readers. You only have 7 seconds to make a strong first impression, as people are busy and won’t take the time to read an entire email or blog if they aren’t immediately captivated. CoSchedule can really help with this and show you how to tweak your title accordingly.


Curating your Content

A content curation tool is something that uses algorithms to check content from the web in order to recommend what is most relevant to your audience or niche. You obviously want to create something that people in your niche will be searching for and use the keywords to drive readers to your pages, or maybe there is a trending topic that you could write about, which further boosts your rankings. There are a lot of useful curation tools out there, so check out these five that you can use to better automate the process and help you write the most relevant content for your firm that generates the most leads.


DrumUp searches through a lot of content across the web and does it in real-time. The algorithms used to suggest the freshest and most relevant content to your audience to help you create something stronger for your audience. Additionally, you can use it to create content for your social media platforms, allowing you to easily create, review and post them.


With BuzzSumo, you can use their content insights to help form ideas, create content that will boost your rankings, easily monitor your performance and identify key influencers. Use this tool to search for content by topic and from there you can share it directly from your dashboard.


Quora is quickly becoming a go-to platform that people want to use. You get expert, authoritative opinions and answers to questions with a huge range of topics. If there is a trending topic, then Quora will find it! Once you have set up your account, then you can type in certain keywords to find information about a particular topic. You can also set it up so that you receive relevant information to your inbox, further allowing you to stay on top of what’s happening.


This tool allows you to pull relevant content and helps you to create content for almost anything you need. ScribbleLive has services that range from infographics, interactive assignments, videos and much more.


With Feedly, you get help curating blog content that can be used as resources for future posts or help generate ideas for future blog posts. You can follow influencers in the industry, which allows you to stay on top of trending topics.

Distribution of Content

The last topic we will discuss today will help you to streamline your methods of content distribution. Once you have created strong, relevant content, you need to get it in front of the right people! The use of email marketing is an effective way to do this, and the use of tools for automation will make you much more efficient.

Lead Pilot

Lead Pilot tops the list again for not only content creation as mentioned above but for content distribution as well. Lead Pilot enables advisors to distribute their content via email or social media within the same dashboard. Posts can be scheduled for a future date and time or posted immediately. Within the Lead Pilot dashboard, you can also gain insight on the performance of your content distribution across email and social media including open and send rates, clicks, impressions and engagement.

Lead Pilot dashboard


Mailchimp is strictly email distribution. Their email templates are easily editable, and you can tailor them to fit your brand and content you’d like to share. Email campaigns can be easily scheduled and they do offer a free version for up to 2,000 contacts.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another email distribution service that offers a large selection of newsletter templates, an easy-to-use editor and strong list-building tools. Their basic email plans start at $20/month for 500 contacts.


Aweber is another email tool that allows users to send emails, build lists and connect with their audience with autoresponder tools. The automation tools that come with Aweber are quite handy and a stand-out feature of their platform. Pricing starts at $19/month for 500 contacts.

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