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3 Easy Tips to Get More Comments on Your Firm’s Social Media Posts: Proven Tactics that Work

On social media, comments are key when it comes to engagement. Are you utilizing a cohesive social media strategy, yet your audience still fails to engage? Our CMO, Samantha Russell, is sharing 3 tips financial advisors can implement regularly to get more comments.

Video Transcript

In the world of social media, comments are currency. That means the more comments you get, the better your social media posts will perform, the more people that will see your name and your profile, and become aware of you, your firm, and your brand. I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and today I’m going to give you some of my best tips for how to get more comments on your social media posts.

1. Ask a Question

Okay, so let’s jump right in. Tip number one is to always ask a question at the bottom of every social media post.

Asking a question on a social media post

So what I mean by this is, if you’re posting something about budgeting, you might say at the bottom “What are you currently doing for budgeting?” or, “Leave a comment below with your best budgeting tip,” and then you’re inviting people to leave a comment, so that’s tip number one.

2. Offer Something in Exchange

Tip number two, though, is that you can specifically tell people if they leave a comment below that they will get something in exchange. So for instance, if you’ve created a great guide- we have a guide here on YouTube for financial advisors- rather than going to LinkedIn or Facebook and saying “Here’s our guide!” with a free link, we’ll say to people, you know, here’s why YouTube is so important, here’s how advisors are growing through YouTube, and we have a comprehensive guide that, if you read it, will teach you how to do- and we’ll list out three or four things- and then we’ll say “Leave a comment below if you want us to send it your way.”

get more comments on social media posts

So everyone is going to start commenting on that post, and it’s going to get all of the people that are in the network of the commenters to also see the post, right? So also, the social platform’s algorithm is going to say “Wow, this post is getting a lot of comments. This must be great content, and we should even boost it higher and show it to more people.” So this is a great strategy to get more comments. Specifically tell people if they comment you will send them some sort of guide or blog post or how-to of some sort.

3. Give Them Options to Choose From

Another way to get comments is to give people four choices, three choices, to choose from. So you might say something like, “What are you struggling most with right now in terms of your finances during this pandemic?” Number one, and you have an option, number two, you have an option, number three, you have an option. And then say to people, “Comment below, is it one, two, or three for you?” People want to comment on posts and be more interactive, but often it takes a lot of thought to come up with what we’re gonna say or what we’re gonna comment. So by giving them one, two, or three, just those options, it’ll be more likely that they will comment on your post.

financial advisor social media post multiple choice

So those are really simple and easy strategies that we use here all the time to encourage more people to comment. I would love for you to try them out and let us know whether they work for you or not. I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and make sure you like this video and subscribe if you haven’t already, because every single week we share a video just like this to give your marketing a boost and help you grow your advisory business.

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