8 Killer Tips to Build Your Email List From Scratch

Building an email list from scratch may seem like a daunting task, especially when you are doing it all on your own! But let’s face it, it has to be done in order to grow your business.

Whether your company is new and you are just beginning to build up your brand, or you just want a fresh start, building a list on your own with qualified leads can be hard. Fear not! We have got eight tips to help you get started and excel!

8 Tips to Build Your Email List From Scratch

The below eight strategies are designed to create customers that are long-term and loyal so that you can build a relationship with them in the long-run.

Tip #1: Create a personalized Call-to-Action (CTA) on each blog post or landing page

Having an advisor website is such a HUGE piece to the puzzle when it comes to drawing in visitors to become prospective clients. However, once you get them there, if you aren’t asking them to take the next step or some type of action, then your website isn’t doing all that it can do to convert leads.

Unless someone is in a certain niche or are definitely ready to hire an advisor asap, then many people are just shopping around when they land on your site. That is totally fine, too! You can’t expect everyone that comes to your site to be ready to purchase your services. However, you can keep them in the loop and stay in touch by having them sign up for your blog or newsletter updates. This can show your value and that you actually care about them, so that when they are ready to find an advisor, your firm will probably be at the top of their mind!

windgate wealth management, financial advisor cta example

In the above example, Windgate Wealth Management includes two actionable CTA’s off to the side of a recent blog post. One urges visitors to calculate their “Risk Number,” while the other provides the opportunity to “Schedule a Meeting.”

Ultimately, the purpose of a call-to-action is for people to take one step closer to eventually becoming a client. This is started by creating an awesome site that helps to drive traffic, which will help convert leads into clients.

With Lead Pilot, it’s simple to create CTAs and lead captures on your landing pages. You can even preview what your landing pages will look like before the website goes live, so you can see what really looks good if you need to switch up a CTA location, or want to make any changes before it goes live on your site.

Tip #2: Create a pop-up to collect emails

There’s a tasteful way to treat pop-ups on your website and a wrong way. Regardless, pop-ups are an effective marketing technique to boost conversions and generate additional email sign-ups. And according to Blog Marketing Academy, pop-ups even have a higher CTR than many other types of ad materials.

It’s all about how you use the tools available to you! The key to positive results is using your pop-ups in a smart way and trying to use them in a way that the reader would appreciate rather than become annoyed. Consider timing your pop-ups for a better user experience. Instead of having the pop-up jump out at you right after land on the site, establish some parameters around how much time users are spending on the site then after spending a certain amount of time on your site, then the pop-up will appear.

Other examples include pop-ups that appear when a reader is about to exit the page or scrolling pop-ups, which come up once a user has read a certain length down your post or page. So, they assist the visitor, but don’t pop-up and inundate them with information as soon as they land on the page!

In the below example, TCM Wealth Advisors uses a timed pop-up to encourage sign-ups for your weekly updates.

newsletter sign-up pop-up example

Tip #3: Create a timed pop-up survey⏱

When a visitor lands on your website, they don’t immediately go to sign-up to find out more. Instead, they take time to peruse the site and see if what you’re offering is something that they actually want. This is just another example of why it’s so important to have a 💣 advisor site.

How does a pop-up survey help to start your email list? Well, when visitors check out certain pages, then you could use this opportunity to issue surveys for certain parts of the website in order to gain relevant content. You can tell by how long they have been on the site or what page they are on if they are invested so you can shape the pop-up around that. Once they answer the survey with their email, you can start to get their emails and build your list!

Tip #4: Use humor in your CTA

We talk about “humanizing” your brand and firm with photos that really show the personality of the people at your company, but you can portray this in your CTA copy, as well!

When you see a CTA that has a little extra copy under the “sign me up,” then it shows you there is a person behind the website and really makes you feel more at ease when it comes to taking the next step. This will make someone much more likely to provide their information, such as an email address when they feel like they can trust the person behind the CTA.

Tip #5: Discuss the value in your CTA

Even though using some humor in your copy is a great way to come across as trustworthy, you do need to entice people in order to get their email addresses first.

To increase sign-up conversions, you don’t want the language used to lead visitors to immediately think “junk email.” Phrases such as, “Sign Up,” can surprisingly turn people away because it may seem “spammy.” Instead, consider using language like, “Download” or “Join Now,” to make it sound more actionable or explain that subscribers will receive “Exclusive Access,” to evoke a sense of urgency and make your visitors feel even more special.

WealthKeel, LLC gives specific instructions in their CTA, that say, “Start Delegating Your Financial To-Do List.” This type of actionable language is much more powerful than simply saying “Sign Up.”

financial advisor actionable cta on website, wealthkeel llc

Tip #6: Share on social media and in your email signature

So far we’ve discussed a lot about how you can use your website as a platform to build your email list. But there are many other avenues to help grow that list! Leveraging your social media accounts or other emails you send to other contacts are two additional channels to test out.

Encouraging email sign-ups via your businesses Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts is a great low-hanging fruit way to build your list. Think about it – the people that follow you may have not even thought about visiting your website to sign up to get your newsletter, so put it in front of them in another way!

Just as you would include your website and links to social profiles in your email signature, also consider putting a link or button to sign-up for your newsletter in your email signature. This is just another great way to give people you’re already in communication with the option to join.

newsletter sign-up in email signature

Tip #7: Create more landing pages

Landing pages are another awesome way to generate more leads because you can target different audience groups. With a landing page, you can be hyper-focused on a certain group with one unique selling point and one call-to-action. This will increase lead generation if you can narrow it down, just as we have discussed niche marketing to be more effective. 

Ensuring that your landing page is well-tailored and optimized, will really help your inbound marketing strategy. Not having a landing page makes it nearly impossible to bring in leads, so this part is extremely important.

What’s even better with Lead Pilot is that you can customize your landing pages quickly and easily.

To change the colors and fonts in your landing pages, simply follow the below steps.

  • Go to “Template Design” or scroll to the top right of your screen and hover over your name and user icon.
  • Scroll down and clickTemplate Design” from the drop-down menu. 

  • Click “Style” Above the Tools menu to open all the tools.

From here you can click on content where you be able to edit font, color, font-weight and the size of your font. It’s simple and easy and simply click save after that to save all changes.

Tip #8: Encourage everyone to sign up ASAP

Even though it generally takes visitors quite a while to find a financial company to handle their money, there are those times that someone knows exactly what they want and want to sign up NOW! You need to capitalize on these moments to convert leads!

You don’t need to put too much thought into this, but just write a CTA that chats about the purpose of your newsletter, such as, “Want tips on a better marketing strategy? Sign up for our newsletter today!

Financial Planning Done Right’s CTA encourages visitors to take a step to get the life you want TODAY! This sense of urgency will help with the decision to take action more quickly, then a simple “Subscribe” or “Sign Up.”

With Lead Pilot, it’s simple to create CTAs and lead captures on your landing pages. In the above image, you can see that a “Subscribe Form” is automatically embedded into your landing pages.

This will encourage users to sign up easily and quickly, as it stands out on the landing page and is automatically embedded.

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